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Young Adult Readers

Tree Singer

Fifteen-year-old Mayten loves training as a tree singer, an esteemed position among her clan. But when she feels pain coming from the trees, she finds herself on an unexpected quest, one so dangerous she might never return home.

Now Mayten must use her unfinished training to face betrayal, fear, and a deadly foe. Is she a match for the ancient evil attacking her trees or will the entire kingdom fall to ruin?

'A cleverly plotted fantasy populated with unique and captivating characters. Highly recommended!'

The Wishing Shelf Review
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Ari Wren has a great life: Two best friends and a family she loves.

Chad Waters is by far the most popular guy at Sierra High School. Why then has he suddenly noticed Ari, a freshman nobody? Her friends are surprised by his attention and more than a little jealous. As Ari finds herself falling for Chad, his requests become more intimate and personal. Ari feels confused and unsure about what to do.

Follow Ari as she navigates budding romance, tough decisions, betrayal, and a trip to an island in this young adult story of growing up the hard way.


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When Ann learns the truth about her father, she must make a decision. Is it time to speak out against the injustices keeping her people oppressed, even though she could end up on jail? Ann keeps hearing that things are changing, but is it true? Is the world ready to accept her for who she is and who she wants to love?

Join Ann as she struggles to find her voice. Is she ready to take a stand against injustice? Are you? 

Cracker was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Contest 2016

The Cage new front cover.jpg

The Cage is the first book in The Birthright Series. Four students are thrown together in a high school summer class. Tyrell tells of a dream he’s been having about a girl who’s in danger. Sam realizes it’s the same mystery girl she’s been sketching! Where is this information coming from and what should the Blue Group do about it?

Join Tyrell, Tiffany, Sam and Orlando as they navigate the complicated world of high school friendship, romance and something bigger than both!

The Bar new front cover.jpg

In the wake of her return, Dawna’s small hometown is swarmed with press and gossip. When Dawna is forced to move away it is her little sister, Emily, who takes the spotlight. But Emily is thrust into bigger problems when she finds the high school’s most popular cheerleader on the floor of the school bathroom barely conscious.

Suddenly Emily and some new, unlikely friends are taking some crazy risks!

What force is driving them beyond precaution? Where is it coming from? Is there any hope for true friendship between seniors and freshmen? And what about the boy in the barn?

The Lamb Final front cover with right words.jpg

Tyrell and Tiffany are back in the last book of The Birthright Series!

Ty and Tiff want to be together, but between her parents and his exgirlfriend, Sheila, who still has her eye on Ty, their relationship seems doomed from the start. And now Ty is having disturbing dreaaams like the ones that led him and his Blue Group friends to the rescue of Dawna. Plus Tiff’s new friend, Lorna, just might
be crazy. Join Ty, Tiff and their friends as they try to untangle this strange web of clues before it’s too late for…The Lamb.



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