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Tumbled People:
Deconstructing and Reconstructing Your Faith

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Are you feeling spiritually adrift, burned out, and hopeless? Are the old ways of

praying not working for you anymore? I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

In fact, you join millions of others who are ready to move, not away from God, but toward deeper spiritual life.

In Tumbled People: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Your Faith, you will

find hope and encouragement the spiritual changes you are going through are a normal part of the stages of spiritual growth and development. Using personal stories, quotes from mentors, and easy onramp spiritual practices, the author will help you move from burnout to spiritual thriving.

Let the healing journey begin!

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Praise for Tumbled People Retreat
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Retreat for your area!

What key takeaway from the retreat do you hope to continue in your spiritual life moving forward?  

"My key takeaway is to learn to be ok in the silence, to reduce the noise that I use to avoid the silence."


"I plan to nurture my relationship with God and continue to journal and practice centering prayer."

"That I can find places to speak and not be afraid of the difficulties."

Any favorite memories you will cherish?

"I loved and enjoyed being with others from different faith traditions."

"Time spent in the nurturing presence of beautiful, growing, spiritual women."

"I will remember our laughter. I enjoy seeing the irony and silliness in us."


 "I enjoyed the sharing in the group circle."  

"I really liked our prayer service on Sunday.  Praying together builds community."

"I will always remember how safe and accepting this group was. I felt heard, understood and never judged."  

"Just how vulnerable we were with each other. Brené would've been proud." 

"I really valued our small discussion group.  I liked that its formation was random, taking care to ensure those of us who came with others were separated.  I think that was important.  Because we met with the same women over time, trust developed and sharing deepened."

 Do you have any thoughts about the pacing, content, facilities, or breakouts that will help us plan for future retreats


"The retreat was beautiful, enjoyed the quiet time."  

"I was amazed that you didn't have to explicitly create a safe space because we created it for ourselves. I think it was a combination of your openness and the way you set it up, the diversity of the people there, as well as the sacred space."

"The conference pace was perfect for me.  Time in the larger group was balanced with time for discussion and time for self.  The unstructured time between lunch and 4:00 was pure gift."

I want to hear your story of how your faith is Deconstructing
and Reconstructing.

Praise for Tumbled People!

Brightly Illuminating!!

Tumbled People offers a gracious invitation and a guide through the stages that we can expect to experience on the sacred journey of faith. Jacci not only describes the passages and how they change the way we view God, ourselves, and our life-world, but invites active participation in an authentic process towards spiritual maturation through ancient spiritual practices.  A wonderful companion for those who are willing to undertake the journey of faithing throughout a lifetime.

The Rev. Canon Catherine Gregg, D.Min.

I remember the first time I did a personality test and realized I wasn’t weird but was a person with a unique but recognizable personality. It was revolutionary in my life because it helped me make sense of who and how I was in the world. I think Jacci’s book will accomplish the same thing for those who are deconstructing their beliefs and questioning their faith. This book is like a spiritual map and just may help them realize that they aren’t lost, but that they are on a very clear path of spiritual progress and growth.


David Hayward, aka the NakedPastor

In an age when everyone is deconstructing and reconstructing their faith experience, Tumbled People offers the tools needed to explore more deeply the stages of faith. And while many books on faith stages outline what that looks like, Jacci takes us deeper as she shares what those shifting stages of growth feel like in real life. This is pure invitation to the reader to explore and experience the journey in companionship with her.  

Marsha Crockett, Author of Sacred Conversation: Exploring the Seven Gifts of Spiritual Direction.

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