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I love speaking in any context. Let me know how I can help your group, classroom, or company.

I actually have a whole degree in Public Speaking! 

As a retired school counselor, I LOVE interacting with students grades K-12. My books are mostly for middle grade (age 8 and up) and YA (age 11 and up). But I've done reading weeks where I’ve come in and read other people's books to children as well. 

Topics for schools

*Online and In-person school visits
*Elementary school visits to read to students and answer questions
*Middle school visits to talk about writing, editing, and publishing books
*High School topics include: Character Development, Voice, Publishing and more...

Speaking in the Community

I love teaching and training adults about Writing.
*Writing conferences

*Online and in-person classes
*Rotary or other service groups
*and more...

This is a practice seminar I did for Women In Publishing, on Plotting vs Pantsing. 

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