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Coming Attractions and Review of Jacci's Classes

Come see me!

Instructor: Jacci Turner

Ages: Adults 16+

Time:  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Day(s): Wednesdays

Date(s): July 12, 19 & 26, 2023

Member Fee: $30

General Fee: $40

Location: Depot Gallery • 831 Victorian Avenue, Sparks


Writing Across the Rainbow is a class that provides the participants a unique opportunity to work with multiple writers in creating their own story.  A different queer writer will be brought in each week to co-facilitate and add trust to the class.

Week One will focus on the art of haiku and poetry writing using published examples as templates to write original works. Each participant will write their poems during class to various prompts, and we will read the poems to each other with great affirmation.

Week Two will be on flash fiction and short stories using published examples as a template to their original work. We will begin with the writing prompt: Write about your scariest experience as a queer person or tell us about your happiest experience as a queer person. We will end with readings and affirmations.

Week Three will include creating a soul collage together and then using it as a writing prompt and sharing it with the class.

Come See Me!

Silver Age Comic Con- Reno Convention Center

July 8th, Reno Convention Center 9-6

*I'll be dressed as Professor McGonagall!

Sierra Arts Foundation: Sierra Arts Festival

August 12th 12-6pm. Sparks Marina

Class Reviews:

Our first Aging Artists writing group was so fun! Click the picture to read what they learned. 

How to Write Books that Matter


Evaluations from the class:

"You are very kind and encouraging.  I am grateful that you are our mentor and instructor." G-

"For anyone interested in writing, I would recommend this class. It gave me so many ideas, things to think about, fine-tuning my writing, inspiration and so much more." R-

"I can’t thank you enough, your class was just the kick start I needed." M-

"Great Classes. My takeaway is to review the mechanics & then review again.

Student participation is always a great way to hear ourselves as [potential] authors." J-

"Huge thank you for hosting this wonderful course. 

The first session really ignited my writing passion again." L-

Review for Blog Class

How do you rate this instructor?

Comments: 1. Jacci has so much knowledge and shares it in a way that’s easy to understand.

2. Very knowledgeable; she had students engage immediately which helps break the ice.

3. Very patient and informative.

4. Well paced and very calm. Easy to understand and follow.

5. Helpful information.

Conference Speaker

Praise for Jacci 's Conference Training

TMCC Writers Conference

April 13th, 2019

"Jacci is a people person who engages her audience with warmth and humor. We recently spoke together at a writers conference and it was a delight to not only work with her but to listen to her speak. With her background as a therapist, she is able to bring a different element to her talk which adds depth to the presentation. Her introduction of personality tests as a tool to help authors create characters gave the audience a new perspective. Her presentation was informative and engaging and I look forward to the next writers' conference together!"

Chantel Mathson 

CEO Inspirational Inc/ Tea with Chantel Ministries/ Speaker/Author/SpeechCoach

"Overall, your presentation was great. You were easy to understand and personable, and the time passed too swiftly, for it almost felt like the talk had just begun when, Bam! it was over. 


There were actually 2 areas that I really liked. One was your explanation of the names in Harry Potter--the how and why behind them and how important choosing the "right" name for our characters can be.


Secondly, was the Myers-Briggs indicators of personality. This is a wonderful tool that can be easily implemented in character creation. During your presentation, when comparing my MC in my current WIP to myself, I discovered we only share one of the four personality groupings. I found that utterly fascinating."​


LF Falconer, Author and conference participant

"Something that you did very well was your pace of speaking, your comfort in speaking, you had bright and easy to read notes and you had a good balance of speaking off with personal anecdotes and content to share. I personally, liked taking the personality quiz and doing that for the main character in order to know more about their voice. I also found it helpful to know The Who, what, when, where, why and why not of a story should be answered in the first chapter. Also, filling in the motivation of a story starting a sentence with “because” was a good way to summarize what our stories were about. Also, filling in the conflict or “why not” of our story starting with that sentence with “but” to answer that question."​


Ashley Norman-Smith, Writer and Conference attendee.

Reviews for class: Pitching, Promoting and Publishing


1. Jacci brings person marketing experience to the class.

 2. Jacci was very knowledgeable and fairly current. I love that she included two great speakers who were published.

3. Covered many helpful topics such as marketing and the different types. Brought in additional speakers to cover publishing aspects of writing.

4. Enjoyed the classes a great deal.

Review for Writing Class: Developing Ideas, Characters, and Scenes


1. She offered clear instruction of the topic of writing.

2. Jacci was great. The feedback was excellent and a balance between work and fun was well maintained.

3. Enjoyable class, friendly, knowledgeable, brought experience into the class.

4. Good information and instructor explains clearly and brings information that helps with material that can’t be found online. Exercises helped with writing.

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