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Middle Grade Readers

Bending Willow was selected to represent Nevada at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. in 2012 and was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Contest in 2016. These books are now available in hardback for schools and libraries! 


When Riley discovers her grandmother is dead, she knows her world is about to collapse. She’s been here before. After her mom and step dad died in a car accident, she and her little sister Mia had been sent to live in a shelter until Grandma finally took them in. Riley decides they are not going back to that shelter. Not this time.

Determined to find the father she knows only by an address on an envelope marked, “Return to Sender,” Riley and Mia take off on an adventurous journey with so many twists and turns Riley begins to doubt they’ll ever find a real home. She ignores the question that keeps popping into her mind, if they do somehow find her father, will he even want them? Or will he send them back to the shelter?



Riley and Mia suffer crushing disappointment when they learn they won’t be able to go live with their father…yet. But, staying at Nana’s farm seems like a wonderful solution, until they learn they must be in school and Riley receives another shock. Join Riley and Mia in their continued adventure as they face new challenges, make new friends, and get downright stretched!

Stretching Willow has been on Amazon’s top 100 list for bestselling Middle Grade, Action/Adventure.



At long last, Riley and Mia have reached the place they've been dreaming about: Riley’s father's ranch. After a warm welcome, the girls settle in, happy and relieved. Then things start to go horribly wrong. Ranch life is harsher than Riley expects, she never gets to spend time with her father, and their new grandmother doesn't seem to like them. Then a mystery boy appears to haunt her dreams and Riley starts to wonder if this new family is really going to work out. After all, they still don’t know if the courts are going to allow Mia to be adopted by Riley's new family.


What will happen if the courts say no?


Come along as Riley and Mia struggle through more surprising twists and turns to discover if they have finally found their forever family!



Spring in central Idaho means birthing

season on a cattle ranch and with Grandpa sick and Delly pregnant, Riley is up to her knees in mud, blood, and babies. She's rapidly finding out that growing up isn't easy. To top it off, her new friend isn't making life any easier.


When Javier and River help with the spring cattle drive, Riley feels like the rope in a tug-of-war between two dogs. She can't wait for summer vacation and the long-awaited visit to Nana's farm, where there’s nothing to worry about besides relaxing and having fun with Nana.

But things never turn out the way Riley expects, and this summer is no different. 

Join Riley and Mia as their adventures continue!


Have you ever had a day that started bad and got worse? Jillie's day starts when the ship she’s traveling on sinks in shark infested waters. With her parents missing, she’s left solely responsible for her spoiled little sister, Ruby. When a strange boy named Omar pulls them from the water, Jillie is at once grateful and suspicious. Join the adventure as Jillie and Ruby navigate a mysterious island where they must battle wild animals, crazy weather and creepy people, while searching for the girls’ parents. When no one is who they say, and nothing is as it seems, family is all you can trust.

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