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Signed Copy of Cracker, SALE!

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This is a great book to read with middle school or high school teens. There is a discussion guide in the back to talk about things like racism, microaggressions, and bullying.


History is turned upside down when a virus attacks white slave owners, and blacks come to power. Fast forward to today, where African American's have power and privilege, and Caucasian American's are an oppressed minority.

Ann faces what she hates most, the first day at a new High School. She looks for the quiet table in the loud and colorful cafeteria, to find the other white kids. There she meets Jim, white, gay, and Jewish. He calls it, "The trifecta of discrimination."

Jim has secrets of his own, and his offer to pretend to be Ann’s boyfriend, keeps them both safe, for a while. When Ann meets Kayode, things change, and suddenly it has never been so important for Ann to find her voice against the prejudice and systemic injustice she's been born into.

When Ann learns the truth about her father, she must make a decision. Is it time to speak out against the injustices keeping her people oppressed, even though she could end up in jail? Ann keeps hearing that things are changing, but it is true? Is the world ready to accept her for who she is and whom she wants to love?

Author’s note: This book comes with a discussion guide to begin a dialogue about things like systemic injustice, microaggression, bullying, and privilege. My hope is that we can all learn together how to rise up against racism and oppression.

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